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Information Technology

IT an essential utility or Technological space?

The notion of Information Technology is becoming more and more platform independent. In this technological transformation, users are becoming much more socially sophisticated rather than technically sophisticated.

Industrial Marketing

You may be climbing the ladder, but is it on the right wall ? 

Finance and Banking

In an economic downturn, when macro economic hits you, the business may collapse if you do not have the right capital structure. It is neither  just a simple formula, nor an art. It is a rapid decision  making process and experience where you may need to look beyond the enterprise.

Agriculture and Food

“You can change world with every bite of  your food.”

When you go to the supermarket choose food that are in season, buy food that are organic, read labels and know that what's in your food.

Many Solutions and its design look pretty good and attractive when they elaborated and explained. But only few of them provides actual benefit to the customers in long run.”